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[It's a fine day in Burby. The sun is shining, the birds are singing...

Misery does not approve. The raincloud that has taken to following her around is the only thing that makes venturing out for fresh tea-makings a possibility. Seriously, why is the sun out so often? Is it out to kill her? Malignant melanoma is a very real concern here.

After a few minutes outside, she's more than ready to give up on her shopping venture. In a last-ditch attempt to collect the final ingredient she needs to brew up some of her great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother's cure-all tea, Misery addresses the whole of Burby.]


[Well. The whole of Burby that's within easy shouting distance, anyway. In a much quieter monotone, she adds:]

Dried toad legs are good, too. I guess I can powder them myself.
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[ A window opens. A head pops out. ]

Have you tried looking on a powdered toad?
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[ How sardonic. ]

I'm almost afraid to ask what it's for.
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I think you can actually substitute red clover.

[ Nods, gives a thumbs-up. :Db ]
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It's better than going without, isn't it?