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[The earth rumbles and shakes. OH MY GOD, EARTHQUAKE!!!

Except. If you're on the west side of town, you may notice a new addition.

While the rest of Burby is bright and sunny, the sky above the mansion is cloudy.

A young girl peeks hesitantly out the window. Will you come knock on the door?]

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Was that mansion there yesterday?

That mansion was totally not there yesterday.

Jane is standing down by the sidewalk, contemplating the new real estate.

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At first Jane thought this was another lost child, but actually, the kid seemed pretty much in her element. Did she match the house or did the house match here? She was getting Addams family vibes, but she wouldn't turn down a friendly hello, so she waved back.

"Hey! I guess you're new around here, huh?"
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Shirley wanders over from where she was possibly trying to reassure some poor sap that his missing tea-bag-squeezing tongs were not related to her ongoing investigation and were probably just under his bed or something. Really. She would have liked to stay and help him recover from the emotional letdown, but then Watson had gone missing and a house appeared. Were these two strange occurrences related?

Obviously not. That would be silly. But she did find Jane in the general vicinity of the mansion.

"Morning!" she said, waving, because greetings were occurring. "You brought a house, I see."
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An odd-looking girl--taller than Ruby but still a good match for the mansion--chooses the moment of many greetings to step outside, saying, "Ruby, I think they--"

She blinks at the small gathering. And blinks again.

"Never mind, you're busy. It can wait." With that, the girl heads back into the house.

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Did she just call that girl Misery? Maybe it was a nickname.

"This is Burby, for better or worse." Jane shrugged. "People tend to end up here by accident. We did."
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"A house and roommates," Shirley remarked, apparently having a completely different conversation from everyone else.

"We should have brought our residence hall with us, Watson. What were we thinking?"
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"We're so lucky," Misery says in response to Shirley, completely deadpan.

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Watson wasn't sure how they were supposed to know if any of Ruby's friends were around. She hadn't seen any other tiny goths around, though, so that was probably a good sign.

"I don't think so. People come mostly in ones and twos, I've noticed. But it's a small town. You should ask around."
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"Are all of your friends tiny goths?" Shirley wanted to know. Wouldn't you?
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"Tiny goths?" Misery clearly doesn't have any idea what Shirley's on about. "I don't know any of those."

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Shirley might get a bit of a look.

"Your other friends are probably at home. Although maybe without their house," Jane tries to reassure.
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Jane gets a bit of a look. What are you doing trying to tell these tiny goths that their friends are homeless now?!

"I hope they're coping with that well."
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"They don't have a home?!"

It's not quite a shriek, but it's close.

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Oh no Jane has broken everything.

"No, no, um..." Okay, that was exactly what she had said. "...I'm sure they'll be okay. They probably won't even notice you left!"

Jane has never really espoused this theory, but she hopes that these people buy it.
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No, everything is still broken.

"They'll notice that the house is gone!"
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Maybe Shirley will help. Don't say she never did anything nice for you, Jane.

"No, I think Jane means that you might return to the same point in time from which you left." She shrugs. "It's no less probable than your returning at any other time."